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  • Australia’s Oldest Cocky

    ‘Cocky’ is a 76 year old sulphur crested cockatoo, who has grown up with a human family of six siblings... read more
  • Hen laying

    Keeping Laying Chooks

    A lemon tree, a barbecue, and a couple of chooks scratching about is what makes an Australian backyard feel like... read more
  • Currawongs

    Currawongs Increasing numbers of pied currawongs along Australia’s east coast are being seen as a threat to many small bird... read more
  • Ancona Chooks

    BREED: Ancona TEMPERAMENT: Inclined to flightiness but can be tamed COST: $15 plus LIFESPAN: 8 years (3 years productive) RECOMMENDED... read more
  • Budgies

    Breed: Exhibition Budgerigar Temperament: Bright Cost: $40-$500 Lifespan: 9-10 years Recommended for: Enthusiasts, children Maintenance: Medium Comparing the exhibition budgerigar... read more
  • Finches

      Breed: FinchesTemperament: TimidCost: from $10-$100 or more for a pairLifespan: 5 yearsRecommended for: Beginners to experienced bird keepersMaintenance: Low-med... read more
  • Duck

    Keeping Ducks

    Temperament: friendly, messy, lovable Cost: $20 plus Lifespan: 7 years Recommended for: Backyarders, hobbyists Maintenance: Medium Many people dream one... read more
  • Keeping Rare And Endangered Birds

      Breed: Rare And endangered native birdsTemperament: Wild and timid Cost: $500 plusLifespan: 5 – 7 yearsRecommended For: Experienced birdkeepers... read more
  • Old English Game Fowl

    Breed: Old English Game Temperament: Aggressive, active Cost: from $50 per bird Lifespan: 12 years Recommended for: Experienced poultry keepers... read more
  • Saxony Duck

      Breed: Saxony Duck Temperament: Placid Cost: from $25 Lifespan: 6 years+ Recommended for: Backyarders, hobbyists Appearance: The Saxony duck... read more
  • Modena Pigeon

    Modena Pigeon Breed: Modena pigeonTemperament: docile, robustCost: $50 plusLifespan: 10 yearsRecommended for: beginners, enthusiasts The Modena is a pigeon which... read more
  • Rhode Island Reds

    Exhibition Poultry Breed: Rhode Island RedTemperament: Hens docile, roosters can be aggressiveCost: $80Lifespan: 5 yearsMaintenance: MediumRecommended for: Enthusiasts, backyarders Rhode... read more