Modern Mexican Garden

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Don visited a Mexican-style house and garden in Noosaville, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The front garden uses the structural form of succulent plants such as euphorbias and yuccas to reinforce the design of the house, and to set off the white and terracotta colour scheme. The focal point of this minimalist garden is a large pandanus plant (Pandanus tectorius) in a raised bed. A secure, private courtyard area features a Mexican water fountain. The owner imported some of the pots and artefacts in the garden from Mexico, and some are Australian terracotta.

In the backyard a spectacular ‘infinity’ swimming pool is edged with a line of agaves. An infinity pool is one where the water appears to flow over the edge. Nearby are dracaenas (Dracaena marginata) dragon plants (D. draco) and cycads (Cycas revoluta).

The house, which is only one year old, is designed to make the most of the warm Queensland climate. Many of the living areas are open to the canal views and to the cooling summer breezes. If it starts to rain, these areas have doors that can be closed off. A cosy, outdoor fireplace means that it’s even possible to have a barbecue in the winter.

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Landscape design:

Rock’N’Root Art Landscapes
640 Cootharaba Rd
Cootharaba, QLD, 4565
Phone: (07) 5485 3855
Mobile Service: 0414 664 613

Mexican house and garden furniture:

La Nich