Burke’s Backyard Bake Off 2009

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Recently, the BBY magazine team decided to have our first-ever Staff Bakeoff. Everyone baked something on the weekend and brought it into work on Monday.

There were two sections – sweet and savoury. Our cookery editor, Tracy Rutherford was the judge, and she came up with two excellent winners, with creativity being the ‘X-factor’ that decided the winner each time.

The overall winner was created by stylist Sandy de Beyer: home-made brandy snap baskets filled with sour cream, gingered figs and orange. Yum! And in the savoury section, Chris Burke’s very tasty Tomato Pastries took out the prize. As as far as the staff were concerned, everyone was a winner, because afterwards we got to eat the lot!

You can find the winning recipes in the December issue of Burke’s Backyard magazine, on sale Monday, November 23. But here are some photos of the big day. Why don’t you organise a staff bakeoff where you work? It’s a great team builder, delicious and a lot of fun.


The Spread

What a spread!

The Smiling Entrants

The Smiling Entrants

Chris Burke

Chris Burke’s Winner: Tasty Tomato Pastries

Sandy De Beyer

Sandy de Beyer’s Winner: Home-made brandy snap baskets filled with sour cream, gingered figs and orange.