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Whenever Don meets Andrew Quixley, he knows he can expect lots of jokes, fun and sound effects along with excellent garden design! Andrew’s fabulous water gardens have been featured several times on Burke’s Backyard. Recently, Andrew showed Don around the garden that he has created for his own family.

When the property was purchased in 1993, the garden was covered by 30cm of gravel. This was removed from the site, and the clay soil was improved by adding river sand, pea straw, compost and manure. Next, Andrew set about creating both a very public and a very private environment, incorporating both formal and modern cottage garden areas. Although this is a no-fuss garden, details are important to Andrew: a seat near a water feature, an Art Deco fence, interesting paving, a shed façade to provide a country feel.

Front garden

  • The front is a ‘show garden’, demonstrating a range of design features and techniques for clients, while still maintaining a sense of cohesion.
  • In the centre of the garden water gurgles from a simple terracotta pot, surrounded by pebble-filled areas edged with mondo grass. This water feature is enhanced at night by dispersed lighting.
  • A range of pavers (including formal, square, red-brick, crazy paving) mark the boundaries of the garden while providing a comfortable, flowing transition between different areas.
  • Plants such as lilies, delphiniums, cornflowers, pansies, calendulas, anemones, stocks, daffodils and freesias flower in splashes of colour throughout the year, adding vitality to the design.

Family retreat

The back garden reflects the family’s desire to live in a relaxed, rural-style retreat away from noise and work pressures. Roses such as the beautiful apricot ‘Just Joey’ thrive in the improved clay soils, and edible plants are mixed in with ornamentals. The backyard has a vegie garden, and play areas for Andrew’s son, including a lawn, paved surface for tricycle riding and a sandpit.
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