Best Potting Mixes

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Our March 2013 issue of ‘Burke’s Backyard’ magazine features a major investigation into the potting mixes you buy at your local nursery and garden centre. Expert scientific tests conducted by Kevin Handreck, Australia’s leading expert on potting mixes, provided some surprising results, and revealed that the best buys in potting mixes aren’t the most expensive ones.

Kevin’s full report, which includes results charts and detailed notes on all his tests and results, was too lengthy to include in the March issue of Burke’s Backyard magazine, and so we have published it here in full at the Burke’s Backyard website, as a downloadable Acrobat PDF document. You will need Acrobat Reader software to read this report. Your computer is likely to already have this software installed, but if it doesn’t you can dowload it free of charge here.

To download Kevin Handreck’s full Potting Mix report, click here.