Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

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Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

  • Beetroot – The French Alternative

    Jackie French loves sitting down to a feast of delicious, home-grown beetroot. She grows all different kinds – red, white,... read more
  • Coffee

    Giuseppe and Rosa Bianca Carlo-Stella have a fabulous garden filled with vegetables, herbs and fruit. They even have a mini... read more
  • Giant Tomato Vine

    In November 2000, Eileen Grange bought a small tomato plant from a nursery and planted it in a pot. Recently,... read more
  • Gourds

    Mansoor Noor wrote to Burke’s Backyard to tell us about the very long gourds grown by his uncle, Mashuk Ali.... read more
  • Growing Avocados Indoors – The French Alternative

    According to Jackie French, you can have large, beautiful house plants without spending hundreds of dollars – you simply grow... read more
  • Harvesting Fruit

    Growing your own fruit is tremendously rewarding, but knowing exactly when to harvest is sometimes difficult. Here are Don’s tips... read more
  • Herbs of the World

    Australia is a multicultural society and this is reflected in our cooking styles. Don showed that it is both easy... read more
  • Mines Bigger Than Yours

    Don received a letter from Mrs Eileen Fourro, who was surprised and amazed when she harvested her potato crop. All... read more
  • Black olives in a bowl

    Curing Olives

    You’ll need: fresh black or green olives salt water sterilised glass jars with lids* 1. First, wash and prepare the... read more