Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

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Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

  • Cumquats

    Cumquats make very good container plants for small gardens or courtyards, with their handsome, compact foliage and lovely fragrant flowers.... read more
  • Picking limes


    The most fashionable citrus at the moment is the lime. Demand for varieties like Tahitian and Kaffir has built up... read more
  • Persimmons

    Persimmons are outstanding fruit trees for the backyard. They don’t grow too big, they produce abundant, sweet, juicy fruit, and... read more
  • Red Eggplants

    Red Eggplants Most people would be familiar with the large, purple-black eggplant or aubergine (Solanum melongena) which is used to... read more
  • Red Grapefruit

    Red Grapefruit Pink fleshed varieties of grapefruit, such as ‘Ruby’ and ‘Thompson’ have been available for some years, but they... read more
  • Turnip Rooted Parsley: The French Alternative

    Turnip Rooted Parsley: The French Alternative   Turnip rooted or Hamburg parsley (Petroselinum crispum var. tuberosum) is a hardy vegetable... read more
  • Edible Kitchen Garden

    Edible Kitchen Garden     Have you ever dreamt of an exotic Lebanese courtyard, with the smell of herbs and... read more
  • Olives

    Olives Many Australians picture the beautiful olive groves throughout Mediterranean areas such as Spain, Italy and Greece, and dream of... read more
  • Kitchen Vegie Garden

    Kitchen Vegie Garden The son of a female convict, William Charles Wentworth was born in New South Wales in 1790.... read more
  • Growing Vegies

    In our segment Don talked about the value of animal manure in the garden. Manure conditions soils of all types,... read more
  • Harvest Size, Colour Matters

    Harvest Size, Colour Matters It’s often difficult to tell when fruit and vegetables are ready to harvest. With produce that... read more
  • Harvesting

    Harvesting Growing your own fruit and vegetables is tremendously rewarding. However, knowing when the produce is ready for harvest can... read more