Gold Kiwi Fruit

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The Chinese Gooseberry is native to eastern Asia. It was introduced to cultivation in the West some time around the 1900s, but was not commercially exploited until a name change and a very successful marketing campaign in New Zealand made it a familiar sight in fruit shops all over the world. The fruit we now know as kiwi fruit has hairy brown skin and green flesh with a centre ring of black seeds.

Don looked at the new golden kiwi fruit, another great success story for New Zealand. The skin is brown like that of the normal kiwi fruit, except it is a little bit less hairy. However, the interesting part of this new fruit is the inside. It has juicy yellow flesh with a mango or melon type taste, and it’s sweeter than the normal kiwi fruit.

For a recipe idea from Geoff Jansz using Zespri Kiwi Gold, click here.

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Our segment was filmed at Lumm’s Fruit Shop, Remuera, Auckland.

Zespri Kiwi Gold is marketed by Zespri International.

Kiwi Gold kiwi fruit is at the end of its growing season but major supermarkets Australia-wide have limited stock available.