Fruit Salad Trees

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Multi-grafted fruit trees are a great way to save money and space in the garden. Having different varieties on the one tree means that each graft grows independently of the others, so the fruit retains its own characteristics, such as flavour, appearance and ripening time. Problems with fruit ‘gluts’ or wastage of excess fruit are also avoided.

Fruit Salad Tree Company

Multi-grafted plants are produced by the Fruit Salad Tree Company in Emmaville, NSW. There are four different trees to choose from:

2-way citrus

Assorted combinations of oranges, lemons, mandarins, tangellos, grapefruit, pomellos and limes.

4-way stone fruit

Assorted combinations of peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines. There are trees available for different climates.


Between 2 and 8 varieties are grafted onto the one tree (including compatible varieties for cross-pollination). There are trees available to suit both cold and warm/temperate climates.


Combinations of different varieties of Nashi (Japanese pears). Suitable for temperate and cold climates, the Nashi tree has between 2 and 8 varieties, including required pollinating types.

Further information

The Fruit Salad Tree Company sells by mail order to all states. There are trees available to suit cool, warm, tropical and subtropical climates. There are between 2 and 8 grafts per tree. Trees are dispatched with a comprehensive care sheet, because it is important that the grafted branches grow at an even rate. For full details contact:

Fruit Salad Tree Company
2369 Gulf Road
Emmaville NSW 2371
Phone/Fax: (02) 6734 7204
Email: [email protected]