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  • Tips of the Trade

    Don gave some tips used by professional landscapers that could be used in your own backyard. 1. Trick of the... read more
  • Small Spaces

      As the size of houses increase, the size of backyards decrease and the most important area is the living... read more
  • Top Ten Best Gardening Inventions

      DYNAMIC LIFTER:  A pioneering fertiliser & probably the best ever.  Engineering genius, the late Norm Jennings, was the first... read more
  • Misleading Labels

    Plant labels are often misleading or, in some cases, quite wrong. Unfortunately this means if you are buying plants you... read more
  • When To Water

    Surprisingly for many the best time to water our garden is during rain & the best time to water pot... read more
  • Keeping Cats Off The Garden

      A recent question to Don’s Mailbag from Tilly in western Sydney related to keeping cats doing their business off... read more
  • Corrugated Iron Raised Garden Beds

    Small garden beds can be made using a new product produced by Tankworks. They can be used for growing veggies... read more
  • Tools

    Shovels & SpadesMany people don’t know the difference between a shovel and a spade.  A shovel is a moving implement... read more
  • Caring for Pruning Tools

    One of the key requirements for successful pruning is to have clean and sharp pruning tools. An excellent implement for... read more
  • Money Savers Tips

      Best Plants for Your Area to Ensure Longest Living Ones Check out what grows in your area and make... read more
  • Growing Plants Under Gum Trees

    A common problem with Australian garden is finding plants that will grow under gum trees.  She oaks are also particularly... read more
  • Keeping Soil Moist

    There are some excellent products available that will help encourage moisture to be retained in your soil for a longer... read more