Organic – Don’s New Book – Available at all good bookstores

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Australia’s foremost authority on everything that’s happening in Aussie backyards, Don Burke has been growing vegies and keeping chooks ever since he was a kid. He went on to graduate as a horticulturist and tree surgeon and is a life-long gardener. ‘Organic’ is filled with the same entertaining blend of great advice and good ideas that has made Don a household name for generations of TV viewers, readers and radio listeners.

Don takes you into real Australian backyards. Step-by-step, he shows how to build your own vegie beds, fertilise soil the organic way, then sow and raise beautiful, healthy crops of your own home-grown produce.

‘Organic’ provides expert advice for you on everything, including:

• growing vegies and fruits in garden beds or pots,

• making compost

• dealing with pests and diseases the safe organic way,

• harvesting and storing your crops,

• keeping chooks and coping with hungry birds, possums and other wildlife.

A full A-Z guide of vegies and fruits to grow, plus an annual sowing calendar make this your essential reference book, one to keep, use and treasure for generations.