Siena Tuscan Garden

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It is not often that we can see a ‘grand’ garden in its infancy. Don visited Siena, a new garden in the Southern Highlands with stunning views. Planted 4-5 years ago by Ali Mentesh, the garden covers an area of 15 acres. It is well-structured and mainly formal, with colour-themed terraces, box hedges, topiary, a parterre knot garden, a crabapple walk, rose garden, sundial garden, ponds, fountains and extensive plantings. Fawny beige gravels, decomposed granites and plantings of olives and lavender give the garden a Tuscan feel.

Precision hedging 

All forms of hedging are just fences and you should mentally think of them as being made out of brick or masonry. They must be straight. All the hedges at Siena are hand trimmed by Nathan Evans, who has a very good eye.


The focal point of the whole garden is a 30 metre rill, with water flowing down over six stepped levels. Don said that if Siena was his garden he would replace the grassed area on each side of the rill with a double set of stairs from top to bottom, inviting visitors to wander down and have a look. He also felt that something grand at the bottom would throw the eye on to the gorgeous vista of hills in the background.

Further information 

Siena Garden & Conference Facility
Boronia Street
Bowral 2576
Contact: Mr Ali Mentesh
Phone: (02) 4861 1277
Fax: (02) 4862 1690

Siena is open on October 2-3, 9-10 and every weekday 9am-2pm from October 5-29; November 13-14 and every weekday 9am-2pm from November 1-30.