Gardening Styles and Feature

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  • Bamboo Succulent Centrepiece

    Bamboo is used extensively in Asia, both for ornamental and construction purposes. The stems are straight and uniform, making them... read more
  • Small Balcony Garden

    Greg Vale has always been a keen gardener, but several years ago he moved from a house into a unit.... read more
  • Tapestry Hedge

    If you’re tired of hedges that are boring and predictable, a tapestry hedge is a very attractive option. Tapestry hedges... read more
  • Stone Garden Edging

    Fiona King wrote to Don to say that she was keen to fix the rotting timber sleepers around her garden... read more
  • Shady Garden

    Garden designer, Ted Whitley, faced a real challenge when he was asked to create a garden on top of a... read more
  • Small Deck Garden

    Lynn and Greg Duffy wrote to Burke’s Backyard asking for help with their tiny apartment courtyard. The area was originally... read more
  • Don’s French Provincial Garden

    Don Burke and his makeover team turned a storm-damaged backyard into a wonderful French-flavoured country-style hobby farm, complete with rustic... read more
  • Roses and Natives Together

    After watching our program on the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Jenny Morris fell in love with the new... read more
  • Jubilee Garden

    Jubilee Garden nestles at the foot of Mount Wellington in Hobart. On the day Burke’s Backyard visited, the garden was... read more
  • Rooftop Balcony Makeover

    A Burke’s Backyard viewer emailed Don to ask if there were any plants suitable for an apartment balcony exposed to... read more
  • Bonsai in Japan

    Don visited the Bonsai Village, Omiya, Saitama Prefecture, where many of the top Japanese bonsai artists live. He felt very... read more
  • Cloudehill Sculptures

    Cloudehill is at Olinda in the Dandenongs, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Burke’s Backyard has made a point of... read more