Flowering Plants & Shrubs

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  • Mai-Ko Hydrangeas

    Hydrangeas were discovered in Japanese forests by early European explorers, who took plants back to Europe and used them to... read more
  • Marigolds

    One of the best known of all garden flowers: the common marigold. Plant details Common name: English or pot marigold... read more
  • Melianthus

    Peter Valder thinks that this dramatic, South African native should be planted more often. Plant details Common name: Honey bush,... read more
  • Geraldton Wax ‘Dancing Queen’

    There are many new forms of Geraldton wax available, which are hardier than the species and vary in height, flower... read more
  • Hardenbergia ‘Bushy Blue’

    Don looked at a new variety of hardenbergia called Bushy Blue. Plant details Common name: Bushy Blue Botanic name: Hardenbergia... read more
  • Cordylines

    In recent years an exciting new range of cordylines has become available. They are hybrids of the tropical Cordyline fruticosa... read more
  • Heliotrope

    Heliotrope or cherry pie (Heliotrope arborescens) is an evergreen shrub from tropical Peru. It grows to around 1m (3′) tall... read more
  • Bauera Tip

    Many people make the mistake of trying to grow the Australian native bauera, or dog rose, in ordinary garden positions.... read more
  • blank


    The Hibiscus Although widely known as Hawaiian hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis was probably native to Southern China and south-east Asia, then... read more
  • Oleander

    Don’s Top Six Low Maintenance Plants

    Plant selection is very important if you want a low maintenance garden. Some plants are high maintenance nightmares. At the... read more
  • Holly

    Don looked at holly, a native of Europe, north Africa and western Asia. In the Northern Hemisphere holly is associated... read more
  • Easter Plants

    Many plants are associated with Easter and the passion of Jesus Christ, although nobody really knows what sort of wood... read more