Flowering Plants & Shrubs

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  • Succulents in pots

    Best Pot Plants for Sun and Shade

      Many people love growing plants in pots, but potted gardens can be a lot of work.   Choosing the... read more
  • Lilly Pilly leaves

    Best Lilly Pilly Varieties

    The lilly pilly is one of the most popular plants in Australia today, particularly for hedging and topiary. Lilly pillies... read more
  • Bottlebrush Callistemon ‘Harkness’

    In Don’s view, Callistemon ‘Harkness’ is the best of the Australian bottlebrushes. Plant details Common name: Bottlebrush Botanic name: Callistemon... read more
  • Cardinal Creeper

    This vigorous and attractive flowering vine is native to the West Indies. Plant details: Common name: Cardinal creeper Botanic name:... read more
  • Amaranth

    There are around 60 species of amaranthus, including weeds, leaf vegetables, grain crops and ornamentals. Many have large, colourful leaves... read more
  • Oxalis

    Most people think of oxalis as a serious garden weed, which must be eradicated at all cost. However, Peter Valder... read more
  • Lapagerias

    The stunning flower of the lapageria resembles an exotic tropical orchid, hand-carved from wax. Surprisingly, the lapageria is not a... read more
  • Liriope Muscari

    Teena Crawford is co-host of radio program ‘Smart Gardening’ on Melbourne’s 3AW. Two years ago she planted her front yard... read more
  • Mai-Ko Hydrangeas

    Hydrangeas were discovered in Japanese forests by early European explorers, who took plants back to Europe and used them to... read more
  • Marigolds

    One of the best known of all garden flowers: the common marigold. Plant details Common name: English or pot marigold... read more
  • Melianthus

    Peter Valder thinks that this dramatic, South African native should be planted more often. Plant details Common name: Honey bush,... read more
  • Nerines

    These elegant, South African natives are amongst Peter Valder’s favourite bulbs. They are hardy, easy to grow and they add... read more