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  • Courtyard Makeover

    This ugly, disused courtyard was planted with sharp, spiny succulents. The owner, Sally Gebert, explained that it wasn’t a safe... read more
  • Blue Ginger

    Blue ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) is not a true ginger, but it has ginger-like, arching stems and vibrant, purple/blue flowers in... read more
  • Succulent Shoes

    Last year Don teamed up with Cheryl Maddocks to create a stunning succulent ball. The succulent they chose to make... read more
  • Bromeliad Nursery

    Olive Trevor first started collecting bromeliads 20 years ago. Bromeliads were very hard to buy in those days, so Olive... read more
  • Summer Pongers

    Don looked at some of the plants that produce their perfume through the summer months. Perfume adds atmosphere and a... read more
  • Outdoor Living Makeover

    The theme of our first program for 2003 is outdoor living – extending the indoor living areas out into the... read more