Pomegranate update

A few weeks ago on Burke’s Backyard we featured a lovely ornamental variety of pomegranate called ‘Legrelliae’ (Punica granatum ‘Legrelliae’). It has very attractive double salmon/scarlet flowers with a white edge to each petal, and like all pomegranates with double flowers, it does not produce fruit. ‘Legrelliae’ is a very old-fashioned variety which we didn’t think would be available in Australian nurseries these days, but we have some good news. Koreshoff Bonsai Nursery in Telfer Road, Castle Hill, NSW (Phone: (02) 9634 2410) has 60 plants available in 150mm (6″) pots for $10 each. Even if you miss out on one of those 60, more plants will be available later in the year.