Ten Minute Meal

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Ten Minute Meal

After a tough day at the office and a stressful drive home in peak hour traffic many busy people just can’t face getting out the pots and pans and cooking a meal. Geoff Jansz has a clever solution to that problem – a quick pasta dish that doesn’t involve much cooking, but is nutritious and very tasty.


  • good quality, interesting pasta
  • red onion
  • tomato
  • red capsicum
  • ham
  • parsley
  • good quality olive oil
  • olives, for garnish
  • parmesan cheese, for garnish


  1. boil pasta in plenty of salted water
  2. chop the red onion, red capsicum, tomato, ham and parsley
  3. drain the pasta, and while it is still hot, toss it through the vegetables and allow the heat of the pasta to cook them
  4. toss through some good quality olive oil
  5. spoon out pasta with some of the vegetables on top
  6. garnish with chopped olives and grated parmesan cheese