Takeaway Food Guide

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Don introduced viewers to our new presenter, Joanna McMillan-Price. Originally from Scotland, Joanna is a nutrition scientist, fitness leader and author. Listen to Joanna and you will hear a lovely Scottish accent and plenty of great advice on nutrition and health.

On the subject of takeaway food, Joanna said that eating out doesn’t have to spell disaster. In fact, you can use takeaway foods to improve your diet. Australia is a multicultural society, so we have the opportunity to choose from a range of different cuisines and to try things we’d probably never cook at home. Sushi, for example, is low in fat and high in protein and good quality carbohydrate.

With so many different foods available it can be hard to know where to start. No matter which cuisine you choose, you can make good or bad choices when you are ordering your meal. Joanna’s guide for safe takeaway eating will help you make smart choices every time you eat out.

Joanna’s safe takeaway eating guide

  1. Go grilled, not fried. Fried foods contain a lot more fat and usually the sort of fat that you don’t really want.
  2. Always ask for extra vegies or a side salad.
  3. Avoid processed foods like white bread or rolls. Choose wholegrain where possible.
  4. Always include some lean protein, such as chicken, meat, fish, beans, lentils or tofu.
  5. Don’t order too much. Portion sizes have increased dramatically in the last 20 years, and that means we’re getting more fat and more calories than we really need.


Joanna said that if you do make a poor choice and have too much to eat or too greasy a meal, as long as that only happens occasionally (less than once a week) you’re fine.