Low-rise bruschetta

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If you are sick of being served bruschetta which is overloaded with toppings and spills messily off the toast as you eat it, try this tasty low-rise bruschetta, which is easy to eat and rich with home-grown tomato flavour.

crusty bread, sliced thickly (sourdough is ideal)
several ripe tomatoes, each cut in half
olive oil, for drizzling
torn basil leaves

1. Put the crusty bread under a griller or on top of a barbecue, and lightly toast it on both sides.
2. Rub a tomato half into the bread, so the juice and seeds go in, and some of the tomato flesh sits on top. Discard the tomato skin.
3. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a few pieces of torn basil leaf and serve as an appetiser.
Note: the secret to this recipe working perfectly is, of course, the delicious flavour of your own home-grown tomatoes!