Don’s Fruity Lamb Curry

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Leftover lamb, chopped

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 onions, chopped

curry paste/sauce to taste (Thai red or green, Singapore, Malaysian, Vindaloo, Madras or whatever curry flavour you prefer)

1 large can lychees in syrup

1 270ml can coconut milk

3 apples, chopped

4 bananas, peeled & chopped

1 cup sultanas

1/3 cup cranberries

turmeric, fresh grated or powder to taste

½ bottle mango chutney

4 teaspoons ginger paste

extra water for consistency

Brown onions in oil in a large pot, then add meat, then the sauce/paste, stir well. Add the whole can of lychees, juice and all, you might want to add extra water depending how liquid or dry your curry is. Add all other ingredients, stir. Simmer on low heat for approximately 90 minutes or until the curry is reduced to a thick sauce, stirring frequently as you don’t want the bottom of the curry to burn. 

For best results, the curry is best left to cool down in the fridge after cooking and then eaten, heated up, the second night.

Note: All hot food should be covered immediately when removed from the heat and go straight into the fridge to avoid contamination by mould etc. It’s a furphy that food should cool down before being placed in the fridge. 

Serve with rice, fresh cut bananas, lychees and desiccated coconut on the side.