Backyard Blitz

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Season One

  • Ep 14 Bright Future

    Kim Porter is battling cancer but husband, Colin, is confident of a bright future for the couple and their four... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 15 Relax and Enjoy

    When Shane and Michael Clements bought their new house three years ago the backyard was dominated by two large, disused... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 16 Spanish Influence

    It’s not often that we’re asked to do a makeover for someone’s motherin-law but that’s exactly why Scott Roberts wrote... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 17 Hawaiian Paradise

    Janice and David Carroll’s small triangular backyard has seen little change in the 30 years they’ve lived there. Times have... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 18 Edible Kitchen Garden

    Have you ever dreamt of an exotic Lebanese courtyard, with the smell of herbs and spices wafting through the air?... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 19 Surf Garden

    Darrin and Kiersten Jones recently renovated their 50 year old home on Sydney’s northern beaches. Although the house was finished... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 20 Fragrant Pavilion

    Belinda Dollin and Dean Walkom have just built a brand new home and are about to be married. Things were... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Blitz for Kidz

    Grant and Lisa Wilkinson have two young children, Rochelle aged 6 and Aaron aged 4. They had just finished rebuilding... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Suburban Oasis

    Jaques Saupin has been one of Jenny Middleton’s best friends for over 15 years. He has stood by her through... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 23 Viva La Mexicana

    Rita Ralston is a fun-loving mother who always looks for the good in life. Despite the difficulties of divorce and... VIEW PDF