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  • Good Indoor Plant For Low Light

    Question From: Tracy Cuthbertson in  Spotswood,  Melbourne VIC   Nature of problem: I am looking for a Indoor plant that does not get... read more
  • Plants For Paving Borders

    Question From: Belinda Dunne in  Patterson lakes,  Melbourne  VIC   Nature of problem: Need help with what plants to have aroud the... read more
  • Old Scribbly Gum Dropping Branches

    Question From: Fred Gibbs in  Lugarno,  Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: A scribbly gum about 60-80 years old is dropping both dead... read more
  • Leaves Appear Burnt

    Question From: LEETA BOBART in  JUNORTOUN,  BENDIGO VIC   Nature of problem: a lot of leaves appear to be ‘burnt’   Type of... read more
  • Not Growing

    Question From: Michael in  yagoona,  sydney NSW   Nature of problem: not growing   Type of Plant (if known): lemon tree   Symptoms of... read more
  • Leeches

    Question From: Rosie Garthwin in  Lawson,  Blue Mountains NSW   Nature of problem: leeches   Type of Plant (if known): grass   Symptoms of... read more
  • Yucca Root Growth

    Question From: Janee Young in  Northwood,  Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: Worried about growth/root habit of Yucca Elephantipes. Can it’s root structure... read more
  • leaves on my lemon tree going yellow

    Question From: julian in  st albans,  melbourne VIC   Nature of problem: leaves on my lemon tree going yellow   Type of Plant... read more
  • Nutrient Deficiency

    Question From: Tiana P, Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: My plant is suffering from some kind of nutrient deficiency that I would... read more
  • Liquidambar Dropping Heavy Branches

    Question From: Daniel Herscovitch in  Summer Hill,  Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: Our liquidambar tree (over 50 years old and therefore VERY... read more
  • Tree Fern Looks Dead On Top

    Question From: Bruce in  sunbury,  sunbury VIC   Nature of problem: tree fern looks dead on top.   Type of Plant (if known): tree... read more
  • Banana Tree Not Bearing Friut

    Question From: ros thomas in  singleton heights,  singleton NSW   Nature of problem: banana tree isn’t bearing friut   Type of Plant (if... read more