Don’s Expert Answers: Water dragon keeps eating fruit / veggies from garden

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Kim in Boambee West, Boambee New South Wales

Nature of problem:
Water dragon keeps eating fruit / veggies from garden

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in ground

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Other Comments:
Hi Team, I’m house sitting my parents house, they have lovely 2 acres and have planted some rock melons and the water dragons have eaten the whole lot – inside and just left the shell while the rockmelons are still growing. They eat the capisums while still growing and will give most things a chew! (Strawberries – gone in a flash) please help ASAP? Happy to keep the water dragons but not wanting them to eat our food! Any suggestions please? Cheers Kim

Hi Kim, Water dragons can be a bit of a nuisance. They can climb, but might not like a wobbly mesh like nylon mesh. Maybe try a 10mm nylon mesh slightly loosely tied to garden stakes. You could also spray with Alum (eg Poss Off). Alum is harmless, but tastes horrible. Good luck, Don