Don’s Expert Answers: Maidenhair Fern

Question From:
Margaret Worth in Butchers Ck Rd, wherrol Flat New South Wales

Nature of problem:
Maidenhair Fern

Type of Plant (if known):
Will it Kill Cattle

Symptoms of Plant Illness (please try NOT to diagnose your problems yourself):

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How many hours of sunlight does the plant get each day:

How long since you planted it:

Have you fertilised? If so, with what and when:

Is the plant indoors or outdoors:

Is the plant in a pot or in the ground:

What other treatments have you given the plant:

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Other Comments:
we have lost 3 head of young Steers, & the Vet thinks it a fern & like (Maiden hair Fern) can you please let us know / what you know, I’ve Google it but wont tell me.
‘regards Margaret Worth

Hi Margaret, Maidenhair fern is not recorded as being toxic to any animal so far as I know. The nasty fern is Bracken fern which has been recorded as causing cancer in grazing animals such as cattle. I suggest getting a post mortem done on any more dead steers. Good luck, Don