Can I grow a tree from its seed?

Question From: 
Knud Joergen Olesen-Jensen in  Tolland,  Wagga Wagga NSW


Nature of problem: 
Can I grow a tree from its seed?


Type of Plant (if known): 
Lemon sentence gum tree


Symptoms of Plant Illness (please try NOT to diagnose your problems yourself): 
got a lot of fruit falling from the tree


Soil Type (e.g. sandy, clay or loam) OR Potting Mix Type: 
mulcj on top of clay


How often do you water the plant:
only in dry period every 2 week


How many hours of sunlight does the plant get each day:
all day


What type of plant is it:
lemon sentence gum tree


How long since you planted it:
was here when we moved in 9 years ago – big tree 10 -12 meter


Have you fertilised? If so, with what and when:


Is the plant indoors or outdoors: 


What other treatments have you given the plant: 
normal watering

Upload photo if available: 

Other Comments: 


Answer: Hi Knud,  The seeds seem to be from the Lemon scented gum tree, Corymbia citriodora. Crush some leaves in your hand and you should detect a strong lemon scent. Like virtually all gum trees, this one grows easily from seed. Notice in your photo, the seed capsule just left of centre at the middle near the bottom – it has the largest inner circle. Note that the inner segments are still closed. They split open along the V shaped lines as the capsule ripens. Placed in a paper bag, within 5-9 days the capsules should open and dust-like seed should fall out in its thousands. Scatter 50 or so seeds on top of some potting mix in a 20cm diameter pot. Water it and place it in full sun.  Within a week or two new seedlings should emerge. When they are about 50mm tall pot them on.  Good luck,  Don.