Don’s Tips – Tomatoes



Tomatoes are the most popular home-grown vegetable in Australia (even though they are technically a fruit). They produce more fruit than any other vegetable or fruit tree for the space that they occupy in the garden.

There are two major types of tomatoes: tall-growing staking varieties that are more or less a climbing plant. The other type is composed of the shrubby varieties that don’t need staking.

Classic tall growers would be Grosse Lisse, Burke’s Backyard Italian Tomato or Oxheart.

Shrubby ones are varieties like Tiny Tim.

In general, the tomato varieties that produce smaller cocktail-sized fruits are much hardier and easier to grow at home.

You can also get wonderful colours in tomatoes such as the very dark maroon-coloured Black Russian. You can also get yellow-fruiting varieties.

It’s worth looking at all of the tomato varieties before you buy yours at the shops.

Hooroo! Don