Don’s Tips: Spring Is Here


Spring is the best time of the year.

The garden is re-greening itself, the birds and most animals are having babies and we humans are feeling our bodies coming alive again… we actually feel like going outside again.

… But what to do?  Well it’s time to add chook poo and horse poo to the vegie garden.  It’s time to put fresh slow release fertilizer on all pot plants.  You should use a slow release lawn food like Scott’s Lawn Builder on all lawns.

…Oh and if you didn’t fertilise your citrus (like lemons, oranges, mandarins etc.) last month – for goodness sake – do it now!

You might also consider using a liquid plant food now as well.  Liquid feeds give plants a rapid lift.  Try Power Feed or Thrive.

A small effort in spring will produce huge results in the garden.