Don’s Tips: Root Rot



Root Rot


If you’re in an area that experienced a lot of rain throughout summer and autumn, expect a lot of root rot amongst your plants.

What does root rot look like?  Well the plant may just drop dead overnight or one side of the plant may die.

Some plants are very prone to root rot such as:


Banksias and grevilleas

Citrus trees



West Australian native plants

In the past, horrible chemicals were used to treat and prevent root rot.  And, while dangerous to people using them, they did not control root rot well.  But today the chemical of choice is phosphorous acid sold by Yates as Anti Rot or under several other names in bulk from rural produce stores.

Phosphorous acid is very safe for people using it being almost identical to Phosphoric acid which is a common food flavouring in many foods.

It’s a safer world now.