Don’s Tips: Plants Poisonous To Dogs


Plants Poisonous To Dogs

Plants Poisonous To Dogs

Some plants give pet dogs a lot of grief.  Some plants even kill dogs.

The plant that creates by far the greatest amount of misery for dogs is wandering jew.  This is a lush green groundcover that grows in shady, moist areas.  If dogs lie on it, they get dermatitis on their tummy, legs and under their mouth.  This plant is a weed and should be carefully removed.

Many dogs get poisoned by the fruit on brunfelsias –  also known as  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  These small shrubs have blue/purple flowers that turn white over a few days.  Remove any brunfelsias if you have a dog – especially a puppy.  Stephanotis, the climbing plant with perfumed white flowers also produces fruits poisonous to dogs.

Other dog dangers are: daffodil bulbs, oleanders and human foods like chocolate, onions, avocadoes and grapes.  Lilies are poisonous to cats by the way.

Take care with poisonous plants.