Don’s Tips: Designer Dogs

Designer dogs


For dog owners, the last 20 years has seen a remarkable turnaround in preferences.

About 20 years ago the first so-called designer dogs appeared. The purebred dog world were horrified and they totally opposed this trend.

20 years later, there are more designer dogs sold each year in Australia than purebred dogs.

The public adore cavoodles, labradoodles, pugaliers and so on. They realize that these dogs are bred to be good family pets – much more so than purebred dogs.

The top 25 hits on the Burke’s Backyard website now include the following designer dogs: cavoodles, spoodles, cavoodle puppies, labradoodles and pugaliers. Only one purebred dog makes the top 25: the cocker spaniel.

Designer dogs cost about the same as purebred dogs and they are no flash in the pan. They have hybrid vigour which makes them easier and cheaper to maintain too.

The public have spoken: designer dogs are the new Man’s Best Friend