Don’s Tips – Plants In Winter


borer holes

Borer holes in a tree trunk

On a sunny day in winter, the garden can be a lovely place to be in. 

Winter is the perfect time to assess your garden too.  When deciduous plants have dropped their leaves, you can see the general layout and “bones” of your garden really well.

You can see messy or dangerous branches that need pruning and you can see problems too.

You may spot scale insects, borers, galls etc.  Some can be pruned off, others you could spray with a safe oil spray for scale insects.  Repeat the spraying in November/December.

You might remember that heavy jobs like excavations or barrowing are much better done in winter.  It’s too hot to do them in summer.

On that note, next time we’ll look at how to move a large tree or shrub that’s in the wrong place.

You do this in winter.