Don’s Tips: Outdoor Furniture


outdoor furniture

Outdoor chairs

There is some wonderful outdoor furniture these days for the deck or patio or under the trees.

No longer do you have to sit on an uncomfortable wooden bench.  If you put cushions on the bench you had to put them inside and back outside all of the time to avoid rain damage & fading.

Probably the best of the new outdoor furniture is resin wicker AKA all-weather wicker.  It lasts far longer than the cane wicker of days gone by.

The wicker has give in it, so it is very comfortable.  Yet it repels water and does not stay wet after rain.  Not only this, but resin wicker comes in virtually any colour – white, black, brown, grey, blue…you name it.

Resin wicker furniture is also light and easy to carry or move around.

Colour cushions are wonderful but also a pain in the neck.

Think carefully before you buy outdoor furniture.

Next time, outdoor entertainment areas.