Don’s Tips: Mulches



Arguably the most important advancement in gardening in the 50 years is the availability of mulches.

Mulches prevent weeds growing and they insulate the soil against excessive heat and drying out. They make your garden grow so much better.

But there are mulches and mulches… Which ones are the best?

Here we go!

1. For gardens of shrubs and trees – 15-20mm composted pine bark is the best. Fresh pine bark (which most people use) is very inferior to composted pine bark. The fresh bark leaches oils and gunk that are not kind to plants’ roots.

2. For vegie gardens and roses, use lucerne hay or pea straw mulches.

In general, avoid using gravel as mulch as it tends to mix into the soil and create a mess. If you want to use a gravel mulch, put down some weed mat first.

BUT we all need mulches!

Hooroo, Don