Don’s Tips: Messy Plants Around Pools

Messy Plants Around Pools

Messy Plants Around Pools

There is nothing better than a beautiful swimming pool on a summer’s day. So, it’s very important to keep messy plants away from the pool area.

The messiest plants are gum trees which drop leaves and twigs all year round.

Other messy plants are jacarandas, silky oaks and Illawarra flame trees. What makes those trees such a pain is the fact that they drop their messy leaves and flowers right through the warm months while you’re using the pool.

The best plants around swimming pools are palm trees, cordylines and flax plants plus any shrubs with large leaves: these are easier to clean up and don’t drop as often.

It also pays to look at the way wind blows around the pool. Try to plant trees and shrubs on the opposite side to the incoming winds. These means that the wind will keep your pool clean for you.