Don’s Tips: How To Plant A Plant


How To Plant A Plant

How To Plant A Plant


Today, it’s back to basics:  how to plant a plant.

To plant a living thing successfully, you must give it a proper start. 

First dig a hole about twice as wide as the root ball and just a bit deeper than it.  Generally fluff up the soil in and around the hole.

Turn the plant upside down and place your fingers on the pot rim.  Now gently jerk it up and down until the root ball slides out.

Throw the pot to one side and check the roots for white curl grubs etc.  Turn the plant the right way up and put the root ball into the hole.  Fiddle with it until the top of the root ball is level with the surrounding soil.

Gently fill in the soil creating a saucer-shaped depression around the stem of the plant to collect and hold water.

Water the plant in with heaps of water.  Do NOT stomp the soil down, just let it find its own level.

Fertilise 2 or 3 weeks later.

… job done.