Don’s Tips: Herb Pots


Herb Pots

Herb Pots


In my opinion, herbs are the most useful & practical of all edible plants.

Herbs are easy to grow, most last for many years and they add a superb touch to almost all meals.  AND they grow really well in pots.  They are IDEAL for balconies too.

Why not plant a herb pot this weekend.  Get a pot of 50cm diameter or more and some premium potting mix. 

Select your favourite herbs like: basil, common mint, chives, oregano, thyme, marjoram, parsley or coriander.

Oregano is wonderful on roast meat or pizzas and modern research has proven its value to human health along with turmeric and all gingers and apple cider vinegar.  These all promote gut health and by far outperform the so-called probiotics and super foods.

Herbs need to be kept growing vigorously by regular fertilising.  If they get too big, give them a regular haircut to promote more delicious new growth.

Fresh herbs are best – so why not grow your own.