Don’s Tips – Heirloom Chooks


Heirloom Chickens

Silver Spangled Hamburg

What type of chooks should you get for your backyard? The modern commercial layers or the older, prettier breeds?

Well commercial layers only lay well for 18 months or so.  Then you are stuck with a poor layer for another 6-8 years.

On the other hand, older heritage breeds of chooks lay for many years longer AND they are so much prettier.

Light Sussex have black necks and heads and a white body, Silver Spangled Hamburgs are white with black spots like a Dalmatian dog, many other breeds have stripes, penciled edges to each feather, or a blue colour etc. etc.

Many heritage chicken varieties also come as tiny bantams that are much better for kids to deal with.  Most varieties of chickens are also available in mini or bantam equivalent.

You can even get Araucana chickens that lay blue eggs!  And the eggs are tasty too!

So think before you buy your chooks.