Don’s Tips: Grouping Plants


Grouping Plants

Grouping Plants

Using one each of every plant that you like in your garden is unlikely to create a good look.

The best idea is to decide on the look that  you want: e.g. a topical garden, a cottage garden or a mini farmyard garden.

Then select plants whose colours mix well together.  You could have a white flower theme or a pink one or a raucous tropical mix of orange, yellow, red etc.

Then, get several of each plant.  One lonely plant may look a bit lonely, but a clump of plants looks better.  Or a row of the one type of plant.

If you are adventurous, mix your colours.  White flowering May bush works really well with orange flowering clivias or streptosolens.  Orange and white mixed with green leaves looks very stylish.

As always, check photos in magazines to find the garden look that feels right for you.  This is always the best starting point.

Good luck ….