Don’s Tips: Frog Ponds

Frog Ponds

Frog Ponds

Many people want a frog pond in their garden.

This is a wonderful idea, helps the environment and it’s easy to achieve.

Build the right pond with the right accessories and they will come.

Step 1.  Either buy a plastic or fibreglass pond or get about 2m x 2m of butyl rubber pond liner and use it to create a pond.

Step 2.  Get a cheap set of solar garden lights – try to get a set with at least one ultraviolet light.

Step 3. Install the lights around the pond and place some bush rocks and some lush reedy plants around the pond too.

Step 4.  Fill the pond with water and wait.  Maybe collect a few tadpoles from a local drain or gutter.

Much as cane toads wait under motel under-eave lights, frogs will soon arrive to sit under your lights.

Good luck with your pond.