Don’s Tips: Clivias




We all have that rather shady and sometimes dry area where nothing grows well.

… Well! This sounds like a job for… Clivias.

Clivias are very hardy and long-lived clumping plants about 50cm tall with long strap shaped dark green leaves.  The flowers are usually a bright orange, but recent plant breeding has produced white, lemon yellow, chrome yellow, reds and multicolours.

Now clivias have flowers that match any colour scheme.  They grow in dappled light under trees or tall shrubs.

For those of you who have problems with the orange clivia flowers, pair it up with a white flowering plant such as a May bush.  The May bush will tower over the clivias and give them some shade, and orange, white and green go together very nicely.

Clivias also make stunning pot plants as well.  You can divide them as the clumps grow and spread thus creating new plants for your garden or for your friends.

They are named after the Clive of India family, so that may help you remember.

C L I V I A S.