Don’s Tips: Citrus


Citrus Fertiliser

Citrus Fertiliser

Most plans would not give a tinker’s cuss if you never fertilised them, but there are a few that really do need fertilising.

Citrus need it badly.  August & February are the months to feed citrus:  a full dose in August (now) and a half dose in February.  Without this your oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins etc will not produce many fruit.  For the same reason DO NOT grow anything under the canopy of a citrus tree:  no grass, no annuals and no groundcovers.  Just mulch – and lucerne hay mulch is best.

The other gross feeders (aka hungry plants) are:

Roses, lawns, gardenias and vegies.

You can use citrus food on the roses, gardenias and vegies.  Lawns need lawn food – preferably a slow release one like Scott’s Lawn Builder.

Time to think of your CITRUS.