Don’s Tips – Catching Escaped Birds


escaped birds

Catching Escaped Birds


Many pet birds, especially cockatiels, escape from their cages.  What should you do?

The odds are that you won’t have a net on hand to catch it with, and even if you did, the bird will easily avoid capture.

One very good technique is to use the garden hose with the normal nozzle on it.

Turn the hose on, aiming it away from the bird, and adjust it to a very narrow jet of water at full pressure.

Now aim the stream at the bird and saturate it.  You will find that this usually wets the bird’s feathers, stopping it from flying away.

Grab the bird, dry it off with a towel and put it inside a warm room to further dry out.

Birds are easier to catch this way since they aren’t scared of a jet of water and also since the jet extends for 5-10 metres – allowing you to capture the bird from far away.