Don’s Tips – Birds and Plants


Red Hot Poker

Birds and Plants

Do you want more Australian birds in your backyard? 

If you do, you should remember that there are many plants that attract native birds that you can plant in your garden.

Even some foreign plants will attract native birds:  Sasanqua camellias, fruit trees, conifers, agapanthus and red-hot pokers attract Aussie birds.  Some weeds do too:  lantana, privet, cape weed, winter grass, summer grass, guinea grass are all good food providers for native birds.

The best Aussie plants for attracting Aussie native birds are:  grevilleas, kangaroo paws, bottlebrushes, banksias, wattles and even saltbrush.

If we all make an effort in our gardens, our native bird species will survive in the cities and towns on Australia.

Surely this is better than having feral bird species like pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds, Indian mynahs and starlings.

Fill your garden with native Australian birds.