Don’s Tips: Buying A House


North-facing House

North-facing House

These days buying a house can be very difficult financially & needs to fit in with your lifestyle re schools & transport. 

But when you are looking at potential purchases, for me getting a north-facing house is essential.

In other words, a house that catches the early rays of the sun in the morning & still gets it in the afternoon.

The house stays warm in winter and your plants all grow well.  At the back of the house you grow shady plants and have a second entertaining area for use in summer.

The front of the house is for winter entertaining in the sun.

Houses on the southern side of a slope get cold in winter.  They stay damp and get mould & algae.

Don’t buy south-facing blocks of land if you can help it.  The black dog will get you!

Take care, sunny, north-facing blocks of land are best.