Don Burke’s Backyard Farm

Designed by Jim Fogarty in consultation with Don Burke at the Australian Garden Show, this is the garden of the future.

It is a FUSION garden where the best Asian ideas are mixed with the best Western culture ideas.

It is both an organic food producing garden as well as a garden of flowers. And it is all mixed together! It is an intimate entertaining garden as well.

But it is not just food: there are many herbs for herbal teas and a genuine tea plant hedge. Trim the hedge and make some tea. There are also Australian native herbs to add that Aussie tang. And many flowers for the bees.


All edible plants are organically grown & selected for their health-giving properties. Oregano for the healthy human immune system, turmeric for more immunity and to delay or prevent dementia. There is also a totally new variety of Rosemary from Flower Power Nurseries that has a stronger and improved aroma: this aroma is the basis of rosemary’s contribution to better gut health in people.

All vegies are to be grown organically. And the chickens are both organic and free range.


 Jim designed a long Korean-inspired table with two round barbecue plates set into it so that each person can cook their own food as they talk to their friends. This is intimate dining at its very best. (We used kettle-style barbecues (removed them from their stands), set into round holes in the top of the table. They run on electricity not gas, so bear that in mind when installing your table.)

This garden is designed to fit into very small areas, aspects of it will even fit onto balcony gardens.





Espaliered Citrus (flat-screen plants)

Merrywood Plants

Ph: 0417 115 758 (Chris)


Finger Lime & Cumquat

Eyles Citrus

Ph: (02) 9654 9227


Camellias (tea plants)

Camelias R Us Ph: 02 96522879


Vegetables & herbs from Oasis



Specialist herbs from

Renaissance Herbs (Scotts Tubes)

Ph: (02) 4374 1253


Lavenders & herbs

Flower Power

To find a store near you


Exterior Paint by Dulux:

Dulux Exterior Low Sheen paint in: ‘Lime Fizz’, ‘Monastic’ and ‘Clean Green’

Dulux Texture Medium Cover in ‘Teahouse’


Gravels, P-coarse sands & pebbles from

Turtle Nursery & Landscape Supplies

Ph: (02) 9629 2299



Eaton Mitre 10 Forestville

Ph: (02) 9452 1011


Korean Tabletop BBQ

Available from various stores.

Google: “Electric BBQ Grill” for a supplier near you.

Sunbeam Kettle King BBQ is similar to the one we used