Burke’s Backyard: Backyard Farming – Back to the Kitchen DVD

$24.95 (inc. GST)



Follow the Lazy Gardener Don Burke as he demystifies backyard farming. Showing the cycle from backyard to kitchen; beginning with using your kitchen scraps as compost & chook food, using the compost and chook poo to fuel your garden to produce delicious home grown organic produce and eggs.

Don has all the tricks to keep it simple and enjoyable as well as road testing the best chooks, how to set up a beautiful and functional vegie patch and avoid the pitfalls. The latest trends and health benefits of popular foods such as kale, quinoa and turmeric will also be explored. And when you have a glut of produce theres some sensational, easy recipes to boot.

A must for anyone anywhere, even with the smallest balcony, or window sill to have a go at backyard farming. Nothing tastes as good as the food you’ve grown yourself!


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