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Home Theatre Systems

...ether it be widescreen, plasma or projector. Tara Dennis asked Nic Tatham, Editor of ‘Audio & Video Lifestyle’ about options for people who want that movie experience in the comfort of their own home. Essential components You’ll need a television, DVD player, receiver and speakers for your home theatre system. The TV should be large enough to view movies in a wide screen aspect ratio (27″ screen or greater). It is best to buy the latest plasma or... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Hi I have a nectarine tree that’s about 6 years old when I first purchased the tree it had fruit on it but it hasn’t carried any fruit since it’s grown and is just shy off 3 metres tall.

...n the plant:  Booster to help tree carry fruit Upload photo if available:  image.jpeg Other Comments:  Hi I have had my peach tree for around 6 years when I first purchased it guy at the nursery said it 3 years old and it had fruit on it. I try to keep it clean around the steam and water if regularly it looks pretty health but hasn’t carried any fruit   Answer: Hi Michael,  Your peach tree looks pretty good to me. It is quite normal for a young fr... read more


...ent times that were made to resemble politicians, celebrities and there have even been massacred or ‘satirical’ gnomes. One of the ‘satirical’ gnomes was shown.   Unfortunately he had a screwdriver in his back but with some care the gnome was restored to a shining image of Happy the 4th of the Seven Dwarfs by the end of the segment.   Our satirical gnome was made by Terry Sedgwick of Melbourne but sadly he is no longer making them although there a... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Something is rotting away at the bottom of my cherry tree trunk

...n the plant:  Seasol & powerfeed, occasionally Upload photo if available:  image.jpeg Other Comments:  Could it be ants ?   Answer: Leave the poor bloody ants alone Tracey! Ants are good guys who help aerate the soil etc. But You! You put evil black gunk around the poor tree’s roots. Remove the evil. Your tree has a fungal decay caused by the evil gunk and perhaps other soil issues – it has about a 50/50 chance of recovering. After removing the gu... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Lawn will not grow in one patch, and the patch is spreading.

...her treatments have you given the plant:  None Upload photo if available:  image.jpeg Other Comments:  I noticed there is a nest for small black ants in the soil where the grass doesn’t grow   Answer: Hi Richard (AKA Sherlock!),  Something happens there, maybe car passengers alight there. Maybe the bus stops there. Etc etc. Watch and learn. In the meantime, plunge a garden fork repeatedly into the soil to aerate it – maybe even lever the soil a bi... read more

Vibrant Garden

This vibrant garden gives a contemporary image to an inner-suburban Victorian style home. There is a traditional structure to the garden reminiscent of Versailles but it is composed of brightly coloured materials, pebbles and columns. The simple plantings and hard surfaces make it a low maintenance garden which would suit anyone with a busy city lifestyle. Design elements The client requested a garden that was not a typical Victorian period garde... read more

Plant Name Myths

...eek myth: Narcissus was promised a long life if he did not look at his own image. However, he saw his reflection in a pool and remained there admiring himself until he pined away. The flower that bears his name supposedly grew on the spot where he died.Bulb: Most Narcissus come from the Mediterranean and Middle East. They prefer cool climates, although jonquils seem also to grow well where the winters are milder. Further information Gardens in Chi... read more

Plants For Paving Borders

...other treatments have you given the plant: N/a Upload photo if available: image.jpg Other Comments: Answer: Hi Belinda, You really need local advice on this matter. Only local nurseries or garden club people will know what plants grow best in your area. I don’t know Patterson Lakes; I don’t know either the climate or the soils. Sorry that I can’t be of more help. Don (PS my definition of an “Expert” is someone who knows when to say: “I don’t know... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Can I plant wisteria?

...eria to climb up the outside of the building where the two pots are in the image attached. We have cut a small hole and the soil appears to be very sandy. -Would we need to dig up that sand and put soil and compost in? -Would the roots damage potential pipes underneath? -Is it possible to grow Wisteria in this environment setting? -Will I need to train the wisteria? Answer: Hi Claudia, Wisteria grows almost anywhere in cooler climates, and sandy s... read more

Outdoor Heaters

...(3′) from each unit, using a thermal imaging camera to produce a computer image of the scene. When seen through a thermal imaging camera, objects appear in different colours depending on their temperature: the blue areas are fairly cold, the blackish areas are intermediate and the red areas are very hot. We also compared radiant heat at 2m (6′) from each unit using a Thermo-hunter thermometer. Chiminea (Mexican Fireplace) Chimineas are wood burni... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Unsure on plant combination in window flower bed

...Pelargoniums. The window is about 2 metres long and half a metre wide (see image attached). It will receive about 6 hours of sun (morning sun). Do you have any suggestions on appropriate plants/care? I’m not an experienced gardener and something low maintenance would probably be best! Kind regards, Louisa Answer: Hi Louisa, pelargoniums would be an excellent choice. Plant them in one long trough that is as wide and long as possible. The depth of p... read more

Blood Group Diet

...d tests – a few drops of your blood are examined under a microscope and an image is projected onto a screen. If the blood cells clump together or appear misshapen they conclude that your diet is causing a toxic reaction with your blood group. Rosemary Stanton says that this type of diagnosis is downright shonky. For more information, visit the quackwatch website: What they say about di... read more