In my opinion the bougainvillea is the world’s best flowering climber.

Bougainvilleas produce shimmering colours that light up any garden.  The colours shimmer because the flower bracts change colour as they age.  All older bougainvilleas are a deep pinkish colour.  This creates vibrant orange/pink combinations as well as white and pink, red and pink, all pink and many others.

If you starve your bougainvilleas of both water and fertilizer, they’ll flower for most of the year.  If you give them lots of fertilizer and water they’ll refuse to flower and produce green thorny growth.

Needless to say, freshly-planted bougainvilleas still need water once or twice a week until they are established.

There are dwarf-growing bougainvilleas as well.

If you need raucous tropical colour, nothing beats bougainvilleas.