Spider Catcher

Don demonstrated a new invention designed to keep spiders and other creepy crawlies at arm’s length! The Spider Catcher has a gun-like trigger and a long handle with a brush on the end. It is a humane, eco-friendly way to capture and remove spiders, wasps, moths and other insects without harming them or having to use chemical sprays.

The original version of the Spider Catcher, invented by Tony Allen, was redesigned by Des Harris to make it more effective on the more common (larger) Australian spiders.

Using the spider catcher

The key to successful operation is to stay calm, approach the spider and pull the gun-like trigger. The whole surface area of the spider must be covered by the span of the brush to ensure a total capture. (Tip: practice makes perfect. It may take 2-3 attempts to capture the spider.)
Release the trigger to enclose the brush on the spider, and then deposit it outside unharmed.
Release the spider from the Spider Catcher by pulling the trigger to open the brush, and then shake the Spider Catcher firmly until the spider is released.

Further information

The Spider Catcher costs $29.95, or $45.95 for two plus postage and packing. To order phone (02) 9918 5055, or visit: www.spidercatcher.com.au